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Because why not? It has great synergy with Renoise. FM8 business goes here now I guess.

How do you mean that? I love FM8 and FM (or often really PM) synthesis. Strangely I often avoid to choose a FM generator while song creation (I guess I am kind of afraid).

Also this IMHO is extremely cool: In Falcon, you now can use an sophisticated EQ per note, and also can automate various parameters of it using ENV, LFO and so on. For example here I add this EQ to a saw wave and end up with a quite fine 80s key sound:

Performance wise, it is not too bad either. And Falcon is not known yet to be very optimized so far. So with an eq per note, IMO you can shape the harmonics of the wave very precisely. Next level then maybe would be a “morph” between multiple EQ states, which seems to be a bit of an hassle, if you automate each parameter manually.

Then there is Melda MSoundFactory (recently bought it for ~70 EUR :blink:). It has a “harmonics” oscillator and filter. Reeeaally awesome stuff! It also can morph states. Basically it seems to be able to do anything :smile:

I really wonder why NI does not come up with a refreshed version of FM8. It is one of the best FM synths, and the macro controls are really good to quickly fine shape a sound. Though there could be much more macro controls, and the GUI could rescale, where is a VST3 version and so on. NI went strange paths IMO. Btw. I once tested lot of synths for aliasing, and FM8 seems to be completely aliasing free. That is quite impressive, if you consider it’s age.


FM8 is superb! I made a DX insipred sample pack for it a few years back, currently in the Loopmasters summer sale.