since the RC1.5 rcx i ve this problem on start up:
fmod.dll missing .
but i ve no problem in using Renoise

then … i found a fmod.dll and copied in the renoise folder but still give me problems ( the dll is NOT the one rns is looking for)
but still i can play music.

what is the use of that dll?
i can i solve this problem?



my only guess is that you are using a VST instrument which needs fmod.dll, which is quite strange, since fmod is a modules (MOD, XM, S3M, IT, …) playing library which is not requested by ReNoise. Hmm… maybe you’re using another tracker which is fmod-based as a VST instrument?

It’s sort of a demo style lib to play mods and MP3/Ogg etc… anyway it’s strange that this should be needed by any VST.

i spoke with frazzbass and he has same problem :slight_smile:
it can be it s a speedcore related issue, then

Take a look at the log.txt file while starting. There you will see which plug is loaded while you get the error. Removing this VST plug or adding the missing dll will solve this problem.

The log can be found at:
x:/Documents and Settings/%username%/Application Data/Renoise/%renoiseversion%

The dll at: