Focusrite Liquid Mix & Renoise

Just ordered myself one of these babies:

Has anyone tried it with Renoise?
Do they work well together, especially now with PDC?

I’m surely hoping not to get into problems like with a Virus TI hehe.

It only works via FireWire, right?

This machine is also on my to-get-list, so it would be great if you could evaluate it from a Renoise-perspective when you have it up and running.

Yes firewire only.
It will probably arrive thursday or something. Unfortunately I’m out as of that day until next tuesday. So a report will likely follow in a week or 2.

Just got the focusrite in at noon exactly. I had to buy a new firewire card for my pc as it wasn’t working when I daisy chained it. Right now it’s doing fine within Renoise. You just have to put static buffer on and from then on it integrates smoothly.

Now let’s put this baby to the test :w00t: :yeah:

awesome! please give us a little report when you, if you ever, get tired of playing with it. interested in this!

Yeah, please give us a report or a review!!

Highly interesting to see how this works together with Renoise, so screen dumps or audio examples would be great… :walkman:

I don’t think that’s really necessary to be honest hehe.
It’s just a simple effect vst you load and it works. Since PDC is implemented everything is perfectly in sync :).

Will do some audio examples some day :)

I just got given one of these, interested to see what its like