Folders for presets, please!

I have a lot of doofers and it is very difficult to find what i am looking for.
If renoise would have folders in DSP preset selection it would be great. I have some doofers for bass, different for drums and i wanna save them in different folders.
Is it possible with renoise? I suppose that it is not a big deal, right click menus have folders already…
I know there is workaround via file explorer but it is not very comfortable and it breaks my workflow. I wanna comfortable access to presets in effect alone.

Look at soundtoys solution for example :-).

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+1000 on this.
It’s starting to get hard to find what I want in my list of custom Doofer presets. Having an option to organize all my doofer presets into folders would be a lifesaver.

Two One options for organizing currently exist:

  1. Filesystem based : Go to your user library → effect presets → doofer folder and create directories and organize your doofer presets into directories. They will be organized in the doofer selector and effects list with the directory preceding the preset’s name.
    2. Favorite based : Make them all favorites. Then you can group favorites together and have folders inside the effects list. Would be nice!
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Excellent! Thanks!

Oh wait - just tried both of these methods now.

Method 1:
Yes it works like you describe, however what I need is to have all presets arranged in folders also inside the Doofer preset list in Renoise… this method takes up the same amount of space as when not having folders, and requires a lot of scrolling inside the list when there are many presets. I guess there aren’t any workarounds for this?

Method 2:
I tried this (in the effects list) but I don’t see any option for grouping favourites in folders, what am I missing here?


ah ur right…can’t do that for doofers…that would be nice tho! sorry about that

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