Following players position in pattern while playing

Hi folks,

Is it possible to enable the above"Following players position in pattern while playing" command as is possible in Renoise?

I believe it’s known asPattern Follow mode. in “Renoise”.

I’m just getting used to Redux; however, not being able to follow along in the pattern is kind of strange.

Thanks in advance!

really enjoying redux atm!! Big thumbs up for the devs… Loving it!

but where’s the pattern follow button?

No such thing at the moment, sorry.

In this first version we had to decide how/if a phrase should display multiple concurrent “playbacks”.
This avoids confusion when triggering the phrase many times over, but is clearly a loss when you’re editing/previewing the phrase.

There is a still-pending fix btw. for resuming playback from the current line.
Should be taken care of in the next update.

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ah thanks for making that clear.

my compliments for u danoise for your effort on this messageboard!

will it be possible within a next update maybe?