Following The Pattern

Hi, I’m new to Renoise, I’m using v1.9.1 on Mac OS X 10.5.2.

I used to use OctaMED Sound Studio on the Amiga years ago and this app’ looks like the perfect replacement for me.

I’m hoping someone can help, I’m trying to find a preference or option that enable the focus of the pattern to be followed.
What I mean is, when I start to play a song the green bar that follows the pattern down the screen disappears out of view and I can’t see what notes are coming next.
I’m hoping there’s an option that can be set so the pattern editor can scroll down as you play. Much like what I was used to with OctaMED Sound Studio:

Hope that makes sense? And hoping someone can help?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

or simply press Scroll to toggle this feature.

Welcome. I was also an OctaMED user for years, sweet days. I may suggest going through the tutorials (, you may surely find the answer to many of your questions there.

Aha, excellent, thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

Thanks, just spotted the tutorials, I’ll get stuck in.

Welcome to the club, digifunk :D
I myself recently discovered renoise after years of experience with various trackers of old. I believe you’ll find that Renoise has everything the old trackers had, plus heaps more.
I was wondering why the scroll is off by default and later realized that it is useful for editing your song WHILE it is plying, something you don’t get with old software.