Font Changes 3.3.0+

Either I warped to a parallel universe overnight or something with Renoise has changed in terms of trying to change its default/pattern fonts. For about a good hour and a half, I’ve been rifling through the forums in the hopes that somebody posted something about it - nope. All of these threads are years old. I’m already aware of changing the files in the C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.3.0\Resources\Skin\Fonts directory, but then Renoise just doesn’t boot up when the “correct” changes are applied. Yes, I’ve put my intended .fon files in the same directory; yes, I’ve changed both Config.xml and PatternConfig.xml to redirect towards the .fon files; can anyone point me in the right direction?

Reason I’m doing this is because for the majority of my life, font customization in various trackers gives the daw a personal flair.

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Since there is no unorganized contest to look after, and because I like all that belongs to GUI (textures, colors, skins, backgrounds, shapes, shades), I can take a look to fonts too, yes!! Look & feel is important for me too.

Here is a test with “Courier New” font and my “Rainbow” texture.
I used “cour.ttf” file for every font in “Config.xml” and “PatternConfig.xml”.
It’s not very nice, but it works. And I did exactly what you said.


Trippy - I like it! It’s extremely strange how it doesn’t work for me though.

You talk about .fon files.
I use .ttf files.
That’s the only difference I spot.
Can you retry with .ttf files?