Foo?'s New Band

Wood Park has been hosting some rather creative evenings. Centering around the core of Iain Mackay (elec/acous drums/vox), Dylan Gilliland (keys/synths), Luke Hopkins (fretless bass/JUNO/loops/vox) and myself (ambient funky guitar/vox) (and some appearances of local MC Brendan Blacklock) we’ve been recording our ideas of ‘new dance music’ under the guise of Unity Gain. We thought we would like to share some of the tracks we’re working on:

This will be added to each time we have a jam update. Have a listen (pick any one at random, or all of them!). We’re a very crazy mashup of a lot of styles, slowly evolving into a tighter performing unit. Enjoy… bucket loads of content.

These are very wild mashups of many different genres, all 100% improv. When we go live, which is soon, we want to do the whole dance-electro thing with all live instruments. This means no sequencers, no clicktrack, room for sqrewups. We’ll work on crowd vibe.

Post back with your reactions, especially if you laugh!

kewl. Improv is fun…

be sure to make it very public when you tour Sydney ;)

just listened to the most recent one. funky! i will have to get more of this this weekend!

Some new ones for you:

Slowly getting there, and having lots of fun.