[For Sale] - Lovely Hardware Synths!


Hi chaps, just announcing some stuff for sale before I put it on eBay.

Access Virus TI Snow £650 (£15 P&P)
Awesome little beast, and less than a month old. It comes AS NEW and under warranty, and has not yet been registered with the Access site (which you need to do to access their forum, software updates, etc). It’s literally been turned on, tried out, then put away again. Reason for that is my bandmate got a TI Polar (FAR more expensive!), so we’re using that instead. The TI Snow works extremely well in Renoise now (as you’ll see if you check out the lengthy Virus compatibility thread elsewhere on this forum) and the integration you get from the VC (Virus Control) plugin is staggering. Also use it as a 2x2 soundcard and MIDI interface if you want ;)

Roland JV-1010/PSU/manual £125 (£10 P&P)
Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral expansion £60 (£5 P&P)
(or both for £175 + £10 P&P! If you buy both, you’ll get the expansion inside the 1010 ;) )
The JV-1010 is very well known. For the price and its size, it’s an awesomely powerful sound module, with 16-part multitimbrality (parts accessed by MIDI channels 1-16) and per-part effects. Though people rarely need to adjust the patches, the amount of parameters that can be adjusted is astonishing (see the HUGE manual for details)… But the nice thing about the JV-1010 is that you can plug it in and get instant TV/Movie soundtrack stuff with a quick button-press. The 1010 has the famous ‘Session’ board built-in (essentially one expansion for free, alongside the default patches) and I’m also selling the highly-acclaimed Orchestral expansion, which I’ve used for lots of convincing orchestral sections in my work. I’m upgrading to some very expensive, bloated and hopefully ridiculously high-quality sample libraries, but the JV-1010 would be a really cost-effective workhorse for whoever buys it.

Why am I selling? Mostly because my wife and I are starting a family and need the money (and the space). I’d rather keep all the hardware I’ve ever owned, of course, but sometimes you have to let go…and I’d rather this stuff went to good homes, hence eBay is a last resort.

These prices are all special for Renoise users - fleaBay BuyItNow prices will be a bit higher for everything.

P&P is for UK; while I’ll consider shipping abroad, you’ll have to ask me to quote for shipping to your country. Feel free to suggest couriers, as long as we can get the stuff delivered safely.

Want to make an offer? Worth a try ;) I can’t move too much on the prices, but let’s see…

Thanks for reading!


Bump - Virus TI Snow is now reduced to £650 + p&p. Hooray!