For The Love Of Scorn...

Mic Harris is the man. I just thought i would randomly post that… :drummer: anybody else into scorn? I was just on his myspace and OH MY GOD THE FREAKING FILTH THAT MAN PRODUCES!!! It’s just incredible! I can’t say enough. I want to steal his skills in the middle of the night. He’ll wake up in the morning and go to make a track and just suck while I’m at home with my new skills making ill brain crumbling and earth shaking noise. When I was a kid I listened to a lot of napalm death and extreme noise terror… now I have moved on to electronic and mic came with me to give me more jealous wrought inspiration to try and bite. :panic:

just in case for some ungodly reason you havent heard the stuff, well get ready to catch the blood gushing from your ears. I don’t recommend wearing white shirts while listening:

I highly recommend “in the margins”… ooooh the bass! ouch the snare! <3 <3 <3

what? nobody likee teh scorn?

It sounds nice, but his music doesn’t really make my socks slide off my feet.


I just got two messages from mick harris!!! one in my inbox and another on my myspace page. This just takes the cake for me to think that he liked one of my tracks and decided to tell me! I mean I have been listening to his music and music he was invloved with since I was probably 12. This is like one of the best compliments ever. Man that made my day! :drummer:

Ill shut up about scorn now :walkman:

Hey, I just thought to myself the other day… what happened to Scorn… listening to some parts of Achenar’s album made me think of Scorn. I’ve only listened to the first couple of albums, dunno why I didn’t check out the newer ones, cos I rather liked it. And listening to the stuff on myspace, I still like it. Glad to hear the sound has evolved. Also a fan of Napalm Death and Defecation back in the days.