For The Nostalgic Department Only

after reading the respective thread on these forums about c64 remakes, i couldn’t help myself and had to write a little remix of this tune by rob hubbard from 1985.
i always loved it and still do.
so as one or the other might like this aswell, here’s the link

Are you refering to MAWS: Commando from capcom? (Two YM2203 Sound chips)
The mame one is the only i Know

The song is very good, I like it very much. Great Melody i feel happy :D
will be the RNS file avaliable? I´d like have a look at it

Excelent work!

EDIT: I Think this is the right game on Commodore64

Gorgeous tune! Nice transitions from the old tune :) sigh those were the days…

the original score was used in the highscore screen of the game “commando” by elite software - written by the glorious rob hubbard.
the original sid is available here.
you can simply listen to it with winamp, if you’ve got this plugin installed.
thanks for the comments!

Hey, this one is nice!

Cool tune keith. Nice to see people caring about the past. :)

nice one keith. Reminds me the good old C=64 day’s destroying quickshot II joysticks with games like commando :D

Really excellent remix! Nice, flowing, warm sounds which make a smile on my face… or even a teardrop when remembering the old times. 1A.