For The Thousanth Time...

…someone posted a thread in the off topic forum :P

help&support also has 1000 at the moment. :ph34r:


did you manage to screenshot them together? :P

Damn! Missed it! :P

I have this one though

Nice that “old” screenshot of the website… ;)

yeh cool! I almost forgot how it looked.
now I’m only still searching for the first renoise release.

I love Nostalgia!

Lets see here… I have a rar file called “Gamla Renoisar” wich would translate to “Old renoises”:

What do you want:
Renoise 1.0 RC1
Renoise 1.0 RC2
Renoise 1.0

I don’t have the install files but I could just rar down the directory if you want it.
The are demo versions. (Didn’t register until 1.2 for some reason…)

Yeah, if I remember correctly it’s from the day or the day before they put up the new website. Could’t let this peice of internet history wither away… :rolleyes:

cool, just the first release would be nice,
a shame pm doesn’t work.

can you email it to --me–?

I would host it if some other people want it


for everyone who likes it, here is the first release of Renoise:
click Here!
thanks to phonkey

Devs: though it’s a demo version, Let me know If you don’t like this to be shared for any reason.
I will pull it offline iimmediately.

thanks for the link. Nice to look at 1.0 again. Much has been updated/changed since then…