For Those Craving A Beat Slicer.... Here For 6 Euros!

not sure if you guys seen this but we can fuck IL totally here…at-11-2009.html

All you need is the magazine…

And people on kvr saying it works for a while now…

save TAKTIK the hassle!

Thnx for the heads up, but:

I have a bunch of slicers here already and still wouldn’t mind a quick internal solution in Renoise. Doesn’t have to be a full fledged transient detector, I would be happy with using the snap settings in the sample editor for auto slicing. Useful for beatsynced beats.

yeah i only think i’m ever going to use it if i can’t be bothered to slice a break or for slicing up vocals, theyre a bit too tedious to do manually… it all looks the same!!!

Smoking is bad…

for mac heads there is an AudioFinder

Whatever happened to that dude?

I don’t read German. Does this mean that the November issue of Beat Magazine has the full version of SliceX on the coverdisc? Can anyone confirm, and let us know if there are any restrictions of any kind?

nope full version : )

check this