For those who wonder where is Zed

It seems the world became a quite strange place. And I’m not really sure if there will be a place for me in next few years. And before I’ll be gone in nowhere I’d like to leave a short message that there was a man.


What is up dude are you feeling depressed?You need someone to talk too?


Zed… Are you related to NZK ?

No. It’s quite impossible to explain when you’re a composer in Russia. It’s quite hard to get used to social collapse going on again and again. I’ve been nobody for 40 years. Now I should admit me and my family are in a risk of the next station - which is unknown, but there is nothing good about it. But as far as I can see the world doesn’t realize what’s going on. And there are no good solutions anymore. AT ALL. Actually, there are very bad and worst.

I’ve been a part of Renoise team for a while. And in some sense it was a magical time. I could improve the world. And I still know how to improve Renoise and even the world. But now my status is true 0.


And for 28 years I was thinking Zed is already dead.

Really nice song and good video! You did a great job even though you seem to know that it even doesn’t need an impact of an asteroid to destroy the remaining shrinking habitat of mankind. The world itself isn’t a strange place, but mankind is strange. The only race there is destroying its own habitat. Not able to learn, always repeating their mistakes, always repeating bad history and it gets worse all the time. Postapocalypse coming soon, no doubt. There’s a good chance that we will experience it in our ridiculous remaining lifetime. We can’t do anything about it, so let’s keep composing and doing other fun stuff until it’s over. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve used to be Zed since I started Z80 assembler programming in my 14. That’s Zed death from Pulp Fiction is actually working for my good.

The problem of renoise is that it refute the light…Continue to be underground…Your family will be proud of you…:joy:

Renoise users have a tight spirit

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