Force Jam - Disable transport shortcuts

com.ivofx.forcejam.xrnx (5.0 KB)

I wrote this tiny tool for myself to prevent me from accidentally stopping the song while jamming when I am recording a mix-session to audio.

It gives you alternative transport-hotkeys as in the picture which can be “muted” by a toggle.
You would assign them instead of the built-in ones (I only made counter-parts for the three ones I normally use)


And then toggle via the tools-menu

After toggling, the status is displayed at the bottom

Caveat: The “Play/Stop/Edit” key won’t enter Edit-mode, I only named it this way to match the built-in hotkey entry.

I don’t intend to provide any support, I am just sharing it in case anybody finds it useful. Feel free to modify or put it on github etc.