Forester - Soundscape Machine

Just learned this from rekkerd :, an amazing Ambient Generator… just download and play around with it, really interesting piece of software.

hehe… Your link is a bit broken. It says leafcutterjohn, but the href actually points to: “http :// forester”, which in FireFox (since it looks on Google for any keywords you put in the address bar) just points me to

Quite confusing for a moment :)

Real link:

Here’s a video tutorial:

Looks super fun! Thanks for this.

Looks like a pretty wacky program!

haha what happened with the link is… he inverted the url with what he wanted us to see…

man this looks like a nice program… i’ll try this…

yeah, something went wrong with the link, fixed it :)

but it’s really a cool program, it’s best to make a dir with some loops that fit each other (some sample-cd with instrumental and drumloops works perfectly), it generates some pretty interesting soundscapes this way.