Don’t you just hate it when you’re using Beta 4 and wham, you think of a great new feature idea that’s small, simple, and oh-so-easy to program - and then forget it.

Please start flaming me now so I don’t do this in the future. :o

Reset your mind and start playing with Beta 5, maybe it will come back ;)

couldn’t you just have thought about it before 1.0 was out? :)

think of something, fast!

Hey, actually I thought of something fast, and this is true, first thought was “Run!” next was “beer
I believe this is not a coincidence, I actually need beer :blink:

It’s friday, yippi kay yay motherhuggers!! Uhmm, maybe Die Hard 4 is a good waste of time?!

I am watching you in reverse order!

Sometimes I look down upon the green tea bottle in my hand and think, what the hell??!

I love off topic forums, just wish I could be more on topic…

I hope Foo find the missing idea and we all can live happily ever after. But shhh, I think he saw the DNA structure of a goat painted inside Renoise columns, and got the idea to clone it by exporting to cubase format, but don’t tell anyone okay!?

Allright, have a good weekend! I’m out :walkman:

One thing though, I will never use beerslicer!! ever, I hope my nightmares will stop…

Oh goodness gracious! I just remembered it! And sorry to all the boringslicer… ahem beatslicer fans, it ain’t stupendous:

Option in the config menus to specify what the metronome sample should be. That’s it!

Ha, nice option.

At first it seems pointless, but actually it would be good depending on the type of track you are making…

As would a volume slider for the metronome (which I have mentioned many times)