Forgotten (Chiptune)

I wanted this to sound as bad as possible so I downsampled every single individual sample to 8-bit and 11025 Hz. On top of that there’s more distortion, cab sim, and even a lofi mat. 100% native Renoise.

Ok, but chip tunes did never sound so lofi… I would prefer you tune without lofi :slight_smile: Or maybe at least 28khz. I am not sure if 8bit mode of lofi device accurately represents a lofi sound from paula, since there was some extra math inside to make it sound better. Surely you know this but incase not, I posted some examples. And the other sound chips were kind of little synthesizers, so I guess they also could go above 28khz, only if they were misused as samplers, the rate was extremely low (C64, Sinclair, CPC, Atari etc)

Very cool track! :walkman:

I kinda agree a bit with Jurek though, it doesn’t exactly scream chiptune in my ears. Not that it matters if it’s chiptune or not, but i think the track sounds a bit over processed and some of the content seem a little bit washed out caused by some phasing issues perhaps? It’s not that bad though and the longer i listen to the track the more i get used to it and from about 2:00 i’ve forgotten about it and i love it from there on and out.

I wonder how it would turn out if you added a HP and a LP filter on the master, opening them slowly in the intro and from then move them about a bit in the transitions and such. Some fading before the drums kicks in and stuff like that. Just don’t filter too much, sometimes just a few Hz makes a drastic change, so it’s easy to over do.

Edit: just noticed you added it to download. You don’t mind if i play a bit with it do you?

Oh yeah definitely not intended to be an authentic chiptune. I usually prefer to use a different tracker for that, usually Famitracker, (shameless self promotion incoming) like I did for this little indie game’s soundtrack:

It was just an experiment, one of those experiments that you’re surprised when you actually finished it because it was just to see what something sounds like.

Sure Bellows, feel free to play with it as much as you want. If you want to track down the original samples before I bastardized them they are from these packs:

Here is my remix! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just did an update, basically just eq’d in some highs.

Well, your version is way better than mine lol

Well, your version is way better than mine lol

You did all the work and made it very easy for me pluss i used a lot of vsts. :slight_smile:

I think both versions are good, there are some qualities in your mix that i didn’t manage to capture. If you want the xrns i’ll send it to you.

I must say this turned out a bit better than our last attempt on collaboration. I actually did a poor attempt to resurrect the old track as i got my computer upgraded and it was possible to work onit again, but i soon gave it up.

Still hope we can do some heavy metal project one time, i want to make something really badass. :stuck_out_tongue:

You two should do a coop project.