Formant Synthesis

I’ve been using the Mac version of CDP/Soundloom today to analyse sounds and impose/replace the envelopes and formants of one sound onto another. The only thing is CDP’s interface is old as shit, I can use it fine it’s just not very intuitive or user friendly to use, plus it actually crashes a lot as well.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of any good alternative software options for doing this kind of thing, or for any kind of spectral sound design editing for that matter?

Example video of someone else doing what I was trying to do today.


I think zynaptiq morph does such a thing. But it is expensive. You might search for “morphing vst”.

On the other hand, without sidechain support those plugins might not work at all or in mono only.

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Oh yeah your right it does, I seen that plugin a couple weeks ago but completely forgot about. Might save up and buy it. Thanks ffx

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you mean the CDP tool (, or the official CDP programs? If bugs in the tool most of the times it is wrong settings (min/max settings) that are the culprit of failure. The tools window can give hints on what is set wrong.

No not the CDP tool, I mean the official program. I use it with the Soundloom interface but it just crashes randomly for no reason sometimes. I have the CDP tool for Renoise installed but haven’t used it in a long time.

Dunno if there are windows vst wrappers for mac, but the free morf1 (
) gets the job done for certain sound combos. Shapee & ether ( are also worth experimenting with. You need to put the two sounds you want to have morphed/mangled on different channels in a stereo sound file though. Same like with the old prosoniq morph and now zynaptic if I remember correctly.

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Wouldn’t a vocoder, using one of the sounds as carrier and the other as base, work pretty similar?

That sounds soooo cooool. I wonder now how to even emulate something like that… Maybe a signal follower mixed in with gates? Where the sample gets chopped up depending on the silences of the drum loop? Maybe signal follower and gain… Interesting… I’ll play around with just the concept of this. It got my gears turning. Might not be able to fully copy the effect but it’s at least something.