Formula: Total amount of lines in song?

Hey folks,
having fun with formula’s, but i ran into a problem:
as i am playing with time… Sin() is my friend… NUMLINES, LINE, etc all help with this
however… What if I want to know the total amount of lines in a song… is there some
constant i could grab for that?

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To my awareness the total number of lines is not avaliable in the formula device. (checked in Renoise 3.2)

You might be my hero yet :slight_smile:

if you cant do it in the formula device… i bet i can manipulate the formula device with a script yes?? i aint smart enough today… but tomorow, or someday after i might be.

script that if you rightclick formula device… it will replace a string within a formula device.
in our case the line that holds
lengthsong = %script_replace_me%
something like that…

thanks for checking