Forum: Couple Of Ideas/Additions

Not sure if this is best place to post this, as related to the forum not the software, but unless I’m being blind there are a couple of options I am missing a little from this forum and wonder if they could be added.

Firstly a click/download counter optionally on links. Would be useful when uploading Songs and Sample Packs etc.

The ability to add a End Time when creating Polls, so you can get them to automatically close and no more votes can be made.

Have I missed something? If not would it be possible to have these added? Ta.

Anybody? I know it’s not directly Renoise program related but surely I’m not the only one who thinks they would be useful additions to the forum.

Unless you can find some IPBorad modules that already do this, and are reputable modules not cheap unsupported hacks, I really doubt anyone is going to add this to the forum.

Think of the forum as MSWord. The features included are the features used. Adding new ones, not worth it.

With the Actionscript capabilities of MS Word your argument actually really goes against yourself very strongly! There is a lot of fine-tuning or modifications that can be done. Including sabotaging somebody’s Word installation to make it unusable if you don’t like then, for example ;)

Looks like a Mod may of been available for 2.1

But you’re on 3.0.x and 3.1.x is out. Also see talk of 3.2 on their site and seems Timed Polls are a fairly requested feature (not a surprise as seen on many of boards.)

Their community doesn’t seem to be that active and the Mods site isn’t very good to Search (people complain about here and all!)

Neither are that important though, just would of been nice is not too hard to implement.

What really counts here is security. Since our last server attack, security has been tightened and serveraccess rights of many team-members have been revoked. Only a few people have encrypted SCP access to the servers, simply to prevent leaks of encryption keys.
IPB only gets updates that fixes bugs in existing official mods and updates that fix security issues and nothing else.

Same goes for wiki implementations and the same goes for this song-database that never gets fixed:if it ain’t proven and secured concept, it’s a no-go.