Forum: Css Warning

I’m developing a website so I have constantly opened the Javascript error console of Firefox, so I have noticed the following warning when opening Renoise forums:

Warning: a Colour was expected, found ‘f2f2f2’.
Source file:
Line: 2640

there are indeed a couple of background-color directives in which there is “f2f2f2” as value instead of “#f2f2f2

Havn’t noticed when posting new. :huh:

LOL - You are such a geek… Firebug catch some other error in the CSS file, like a semi colon is used to seperate fonts, but still looks good though :D

yeah, I have noticed the column warning right now. I just wanted to know how the forum looked with the right color ;)

Warnings are parsed, the browser will compensate for sloppy.

if by “compensate” you mean that the browser will automatically add the “#” at the beginning, the last part of the warning specifically stated that the directive would have been ignored

Well, depends on the browser… But I’ll assume you are using Firefox due to the whole FireBug thing. So, my mistake.

Also, the warning is for the attachment manager (e.g. #attachments li), which is never used in the example URL you provided… Or used, ever?

PS: The forums index generates 13+ warnings in FireFox (Tools -> Error Console)… Most of the time it’s just CSS hacks and garbage.

But yeah, I’m not against fixing them. I was just trying to point out that it’s not a big deal.

if anything really screams for fixing, I’d say it’s the huge blob inline CSS on every page… now that’s is some seriously not slim HTML haha.

well, this thread proved to be useful after all :rolleyes:

take your time, I’ll be bitching about this again every now and then :)