[Forum] Forum Dependant Topic Dropdowns/Post Tags

Just had a thought. It would be nice, specifically in the ideas forum, to have a general topic drop-down box when posting (beside Topic Title) consisting of all the most common topics in each given forum. It would then tag the post so that you could, with a quick glance, see what the specific topic is. The general topic would then go in [] brackets (like this post)

Topic Examples (Ideas forum):
[Routing] Allow linkable parameters
[Interface] Add more pictures of cats
[Forum] Moar crazy emotes plz kthx
[Other] Renoise needs nibbles

Topic Examples (Songs forum):
[Single Release] This new track from Bantai will make you shit bricks
[EP Release] Vivace - Dramacore is dead - Free EP
[LP Release] BYTE-Smasher’s new LP is finally here! Yay!

…And so on. New general topics could be added to each list upon realization that people are repeatedly posting said topics tagged [Other] or whatnot.

This would not only help make the posts easier to scan on first glance, but easier to search in the long run.

The other thing this would accomplish, at least in the Ideas forum, is prevent redundant posts going “I want a pianoroll!”, as they may notice that it’s an ongoing topic due to the inclusion of “Piano Roll” in the dropdown.

That said, for high demand ideas, perhaps we should just break out these ideas into subforums of the ideas forum… along with the disclaimer that “this is just for discussion… we may never add this feature.”… it would, however, give a better indication of the demand of these features, based on post counts and such.

[approval] +1

sure why not, tiddy ftw ;]

also, slightly ot, what about splitting the song forum section into wips, single songs and albums?