[Forum] Improve Forum Search

I just realized how much the search capabilities of this forum suck… no offense. I can’t seem to search for posts containing all the words in my search. Seriously lame. Please fix this.


Yes you can, you have to use the old notations of putting plus signs in. EG this search for your name is “+byte +smasher” without the quotations marks (just noticed can’t link searches as they seem to use cookies, not the words in the url.)

If you search for: microtonal scale you will have results for threads containing either microtonal or scale.

If you search for: “microtonal scale” you will have results for threads containing the exact microtonal scale expression.

If you search for: +microtonal +scale you will have results for threads containing both words, in any order.

Hope this helps.

kazakore beat me to it ^_^

they don’t use cookies, but POST requests… but you can just put those parameters in the URL:


OK, incorrect assumption on my part as I didn’t see anything useful in the URL. Not sure how I would add a POST request to a search URL personally…

EDDIT: was blind and didn’t see you link at first.

A quick play and doesn’t seem to want to accept the +s for multiple words though…

Use Google:

site:www.renoise.com Your Search Terms Here




We should just implement Regular Expression searches imho.

Shaun, you’ve gotta keep in mind that the forum is a third-party package, not something developed specially for this site. Making any kind of fundamental changes to the search engine itself is probably going to be pretty tricky at best, and may even be a complete nightmare depending on how tightly the various forum modules interact with each other, how the database is structured, etc.

There may already be mods available that enable other search behaviours, I’m not really sure. Without some kind of official mod, it would obviously require someone to actually rewrite some of the core functionality of the forum, and that certainly isn’t just a trivial matter.

Anyway, I dug around on the IP.Board forums and found this:

All we need is a little section in the Advanced Search explaining how to use the modifiers. Sure there used to be one before the hack…

I’m well aware. I’ve worked with forums for years… most of them allow you to program plugins which allow direct access to the database. Writing a plugin to search forum posts via the database isn’t that hard.

Not “We” but IPS.
That’s solely IPS’s problem, not ours ;)

Fair enough ;) … at least we have the +search +term functionality. I doubt any forum software will ever implement regex searching natively though :P

As Connor_BW said, typing your search term and then “site:renoise.com/board” works well - i tried searching for “64 bit” (with and without quotes) on the board, and i have concluded that the search function is just broken. It yields no results, but doing it through google finds plenty.


That only works well for what google’s already indexed. If I’m searching for recent posts, it doesn’t work as well ;)

That would be great if we could use SQL in our searches

Unless you select a larger date-period to search in.
The forum only searches the most recent posts from the past few months.
If nothing has been discussed that period, nothing turns up.

Just tried and I still couldn’t get it to work.