Forum login changed?

Today I couldn’t log into the forum. Suddenly the message was “Incorrect username, email or password”. Of course I haven’t changed anything, so I was forced to create a new password. I wanted to use the old one, but it wasn’t possible because the forum says it’s too short. What happened? It would be nice if the users would receive some information if there are any changes overnight. Anyone else facing this?

I just signed in using my usual password.

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I usually stay logged-in, so I logged out to log-in back again and it worked. (Except that it made me realize that my password manager mismatch and use my Renoise backstage account instead, but that’s another issue :smile: )
Guess it happened only because your password was too small and they changed the rules, but I agree with you, it feels weird to have such an action happening without giving you any notice (either beforehand, or at least a notification explaining what happened)

I have no idea what my password is :upside_down_face:

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That’s what I was thinking. My old password got 8 digits, now there must be at least 10.

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The forum was down earlier today due to an update, that must have introduced harsher restrictions on the password