Forum Suggestion For Norification Mails

To the message board operator/administrator.

I would like to suggest a few minor changes to the format and subject line of the notification emails.
I am using Gmail as my primary email, and Gmail has a conversation mode that cannot be turned off.
So, all the notifications from the Renoise forum, are coming as one big conversation, and sometimes it is easy to get lost and miss a topic notification or two.

In addition, since the link to the original post is at the bottom of the email (I have chosen to show the message in the mail), this bottom part of the email, with the link to the post is often hidden. Google provides a “show quoted text” link to expand it.

So, since Gmail is quite popular, I would like to suggest the following changes that will NOT harm anybody else, and perhaps even help them, and will definitely help Gmail users:

  1. Change the subject of the email. It is too long as it is, but the most important part, is that it should be less generic. For example, it will probably be good if it contained the name of the thread like Forum Notification from “How to Perfectly Equalize a track”
    This way all Gmail will group only notifications from the same thread rather than from the entire message board…

  2. Move the location of the link to the original post to the top - above the message itself. This way, it will never be hidden by Google, since it will not be considered a “quote”.

So a notification message for example:

From: Renoise Forum  
Subject: Topic Reply in "<thread name>"<br>
<user> has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "<thread name>"<br>
The original post can be found here:<br>
<message quote><br>
<the rest of the stuff><br>```

I hope you would consider.</the></message></url></thread></user></thread>