[Forum] Take Out The Trash (Trolling Users)

admins, i’m pretty sure these still apply even if the server had downtime:
forum rules

recently there has been several violations according to these.
it’s been somewhat fun, but i guess not particulary inviting for viewers who are considering joining the forum.

…do i need to mention names? <_<

Sorry, but I don’t get it. Could you be a bit more specific?


We’ve always been very respectful and avoided banning users when somehow possible. This is a public forum, so anyone here is welcome and nothing here should be “censored”. So far I’ve seen no reason to ban Lili357. Of course hes getting every one on the nerves, but still that’s not yet enough reason to delete his posts, ban him?

If its getting worse I agree that we should do so.

This is completely the wrong way to do anything about a certain forum member. Why not simply send forum moderators a private message instead of public bashing? No respect from my end, no matter how bad someone’s forum behaviour is.

And if you can’t handle someone’s messages, try ignoring them. People will most likely get moderated if it’s absolutely required.

ok, i can see your points. i’m sure there are plenty different views on this,
and it could turn into a long discussion about ethics, morality and such.
so if moderators find my bug report inappropriate (the public bashing / eye-for-an-eye irony), feel free to delete this entire post.

the concept of ignoring doesn’t work so good for me, it’s too tempting/entertaining to follow.

If any posts are exceptionally bad click the Report button.

If somebody really irritates you there is the Ignore function (although I can’t see it in an obvious place now.)

Although Lili has been quite disruptive his comments, especially those in the Songs section, have had a remarked improvement since (s)he first joined.

This is not the right way to go about things. If the Moderators feel it’s got too much then a quiet word from them to start. If multiple people start messaging because they feel their threads have been too side-tracked away from what they should be (see some of the Song forum threads) then obviously something needs to be done. As no threads have been edited, split up or irrelevant posts deleted I can only assume all the OPs were will to at least live with the disruption.

Plus you are just feeding the attention-seeking ego.

BAH! I feel left out! I think I deserved a pat on the wrist more than once… uhhh I get starved of attention and it breaks my heart ^^


takes notes…

allright. glad to see something good came out of this after all.

maybe i got carried away, maybe not.
happy tracking everybody :D