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This forum is one of the best ones I’ve attended. Both people- and substancewise. You post a question or start a new thread about something and you can be sure that you’ll be helped. Sure, some threads run out of hand and some just troll all over the place, but that happens everywhere. In general, it’s a well behaved community IMHO.

I must thank the Rheenhoys-team/moderators/leaders/programmers/gurus for a great site and a great forum. Keep it up, ya’ll!

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Sheeze! I’ve been forgetting about this rule recently!!

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  1. There are no facts, there aren’t even opinions… there are just the bare assertions of whoever disagrees with you, and they are not subject to debate under penalty of crude personal attack. All attempts at using logic WILL result in accusations of condescension, ignorance, arrogance, and sometimes even fascism. :rolleyes:

Also, that image is bloody brilliant. Cheers!

  1. Feed the trolls

(Johann) #24

awwww… :lol:

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wow these are like the 8 commendments… very sensible rules to live by :P

(rhowaldt) #26
  1. quote sensibly. nobody needs RSI from scrolling their middle fingers off because you decided to quote that one entire 30-line post just to say ‘+1’.

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It may seem obvious to you what’s at stake here, but if it isn’t then take a clear headed moment to really think about the following: An attitude of cohesion (even if it doesn’t come naturally to you) has irrefutable long term benefit for an online community. If you feel threatened, consider silence and walking away the most constructive course of action. If you want to engage then hold to these two key points - emotions need to be oriented toward unity and the thinking/ideas need to be oriented to working out the problems for the benefit of all. Another way of saying this is: disagreement is transient yet cohesion is constructive; and black and white thinking leaves no room for consideration of many wonderful other colours. Separative attitude on either level leads to reluctance of participation, opportunities lost. Ask not for justice, ask how you can give back with warm feel and excellent integral insight.

I agree with the sentiment here that the Renoise community seems to be quite a few notches above the current flood-water levels of separative interaction. There’s countless examples of outright nobility and razor sharp discourse coming together as elements to assist in the evolution of both the software and unique sense of belonging we have here in this post-tracking niche. I don’t see it under threat in any serious way. But the edges sometimes can get frayed and snares can create occasional vortexes of sludge that discourages all of us to give us much as we gave last time. At these times it’s good to remember the power of focus: Whatever is focused upon is cultivated. So if we focus upon the worst, the lowest, then we give strength to it. If we focus on what the collective aspires to (e.g. A Better Renoise For All) then that is what we sow.

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very well and eloquently said mmd.

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  1. Don’t revive threads, particularly lists/rules.


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  1. don’t contribute to revived threads

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There’s a tendency for people with Good Intentions to get pulled into a situation that isn’t constructive. This happens often. Here’s what it can look like:

  1. Person 1 with Good Intentions makes a considered point, communicated well enough for the context. Up-votes.
  2. Person 2 reacts emotively to the point and expresses a counterpoint that shows misunderstanding of the topic or context, or is maliciously inflaming, or is insensitive, or dismisses using equivocation. Up-votes.
  3. No moderation is performed so that the spirit of democracy is observed.
  4. Person 1 gets upset and tries to reason with Person 2, re-explaining their point and calls for reasonableness because they don’t like the tone of Person 2. Quotes. Up-votes.
  5. Person 2 makes an even more emotive counter attack expressing their point again, this time with more detail. Quotes. Up-votes.
  6. Cycle continues until someone concedes, or someone refuses to reply because they are so offended, or a moderator closes the thread because it has got out of hand.
  7. Original point lies buried in the start of the thread somewhere, sometimes forgotten and ignored because of the noise of emotion.
  8. Person 1 wonders why they bother anymore and contemplates isolation. Person 2 wonders why the world is full idiots and no one understands them.
  9. Somehow ideas amble forward.

Putting aside our ego and emotion is a super hard task, even if we think we’re practiced at it. Eye (discernment) cannot function fully without Heart (constructive non-separatism). My tip here is to simply break the cycle of above: make your point with balanced acuity in the first place, saving the colour of emotion for other sentimental places. If anyone takes objection to it, then they have a right to express it, but there’s nothing stopping them from re-reading your first point and achieving a better understanding of what you expressed. No one can make them do that but themselves. If extrapolation and detailing is necessary on your part: then engage directly with the idea, not the person. We can only be responsible for the quality of our own communication and thinking - it is not our job to police other people’s ignorance. The only way for the collective to overcome ignorance is for leaders of consciousness to purposefully model right relations and communication so that others can step-up in kind when they are ready.

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Em… perhaps breaking the rules by asking a question rather than advocating all of the above good points above… but how the feck do I edit a forum post title? Djeroek and a few others were good enough to answer a starter question for me, and I want to add the word ‘[Solved]’ as a prefix to help others. Any advices? Namaste!

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Em… perhaps breaking the rules by asking a question rather than advocating all of the above good points above… but how the feck do I edit a forum post title? Djeroek and a few others were good enough to answer a starter question for me, and I want to add the word ‘[Solved]’ as a prefix to help others. Any advices? Namaste!

Dunno if this is related to the amount of posts you might have, but press edit, than ‘use full editor’, change topic title and submit modified post.

(Illogical) #36

Bang on - using the full editor while editing did the job :slight_smile: