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  1. Learn how to use the forum search options. It’s entirely likely that what you’re about to go on about has already been discussed. Your effort to find out will be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Be patient. Replies may or may not happen the way you want them to.
  3. Yes, you have a brain and it’s a fabulous one! No need to convince us!
  4. Try to have empathy for the people you’re talking to: a wide range of opinions makes for healthy discussion.
  5. Learn to post in the RIGHT forum. There are sub forums for very special reasons, respect that.
  6. Check the clarity of your post: if English isn’t working for you (first language or not) then get some help to proof it.
  7. If you want people to take your post seriously then write it seriously. Emotional ranting only inflames the situation.
  8. If you’re not getting what you want here come over to our #IRC channel at and join #renoise

I’ll add to these if I’ve missed anything sensible.

  1. Do make some music from time to time.
  1. This forum is like a comic book with a huge variety of interesting characters playing their parts accordingly.
    Respect their odd plot developments and comic reliefs, they are here for the same reason as you.
  • insert cast introduction here

Just like in real life, when you first move into a new neighborhood, that is to say a community, you have to earn people’s trust and respect before they start paying attention to you.

Everyone is welcome, but not everyone is king or queen on the first day.

Disagreements happen.

Make an ass of yourself, and you will be treated like an ass.

Pay your dues, earn your props, just like everyone else did.

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  1. Read the tutorial pages before asking any question.

@Itty: Sorry to steal your bandwidth! :D

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  1. LULZ
  1. Taktik is right.
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  1. #renoise is solely responsible for any irregular shifts in the Pattern/Sample continuum.
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  1. Taktik is always right
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  1. Taktik is sexy
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  1. have no fear of the Guruh’s, they are here to teach us worthless Peons.

Edit: had to remove the part aboutzzz zzzz zzzz… … … … . . something sensible. i forgot why i was here…

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Drugs r bad… mmmmmk?

Thanks for the pin. Hopefully the right vibe will get through to some people. :D

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  1. Taktik makes sexy time in hex

I just wanted to ask a quest chunn about how renoise is workings…
I’m getting very angrys becose it doesnt workings…
replly now or i will aks for refunds…
i’m very angrys.

  1. All mentioned rules are made to be broken.

No one answered last time, and there’s absolutely no way I’m starting a new thread or changing browser for this.

Why is is that in FF3, every thread is collapsed, and I have to click every post I want to see? It works in Konqueror and IE7…


Yes, that fixed it. I have no idea why I didn’t notice the Options button before.

Thank you, Bantai.

  1. General discussion section is not the Help & Support section: you will be pleased to know that the Help & Support section is the Help & Support section
  1. There are no facts, only opinions. (once bitten, twice shy)