Fostex Pm05

Yesterday I went to the nearest Music-ware dealer in Milano (Lucky Music) and went away with a pair of

Yes, I know there are better speakers… but I was on a budget… :P
Now I don’t really know about other monitors but I’m SO incredibly satisfied!
(Note that I come from a Cambridge Soundworkd 4+1 soundsystem)
I spent the night listening to music with faces like :o :blink: :ph34r: and I can clearly notice each sound living in its own space and remaining defined against the others while layering… the sound is SO bright and strong… I can’t deny I was concerned about leaving my sub-w00f… but what the hell… the bass Freqz are SO full and deep I see there was no reason for concern…

I obviously feel like adding my personal suggestion to the “Speakers Quest” discussion and eventually recommend Fostex PM 05 as a good budget pick for anyone in need to switch from the average sound system to some serious listening.

Before coming home I was enlightened by a word: “CABLES”.
So I headed back to the desk and bought a couple of short Canon-Jack cables (How am I going to feed these 2 babies?).
The point is Emulator X.
My 1212 was dissepulted from the graveyard-drawer and was reinstalled back (YES Alex, talking to you :lol: )
It was not easy beacuse the cables they gave me were so FAT on the jack-end that I wasn’t able to push em both in the audiocard (Left and right jack connections too near to each other)… I had to slice a small portion of the fat gum handle on both (and orientating both in order to have the sliced sides facing each other) but in the end all went right and they are now playing for my enjoyment :)

With the arrival of the new year a whole new world of sound seems to open! :) I wish you all a happy new year :D :yeah:

good for ya mate. :yeah:

??? B)

You heard right. Last time we discussed I had to quit because of “lack of hardware related requirements”… but as you see, I was able to mount my 1212m back into Monolith ( aka pc n.1 ) and have it coming directly out of the new pair of Fostex Pm05… this works just fine as they…

…as they are ACTIVE speakers.
This means that I’m now able to follow properly any suggestion of yours.
The point (as I also tried to state in an email I tried to send you via your site) is that I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to patching-routing-tweaking etc… basicly because I skipped the whole MIDI thing… what I need is the benevolent eye of someone exactly like you, having all 4 minimum system requirements:

  1. You have same card I have
  2. You use same program I use
  3. You seem to understand my meta-english
  4. You seem to manage conversation with an alien with no loss of mental health
    See? :) You’re The One :lol:

About 1,5 years ago I bought myself a pair of (passive) Tannoy Reveal speakers and have been very happy with those.

Out of consideration for my neighbours I do most of the composing on headphones and only do the final mixing on the monitors. :)

( OT )
I-rs… your avatar rocks :lol:
That’s one truly epic moment in the history of movies… and Sutherland is just SO great…

Nooooo! I saw that movie when I were like 6 years old. Wouldn’t go near a plant for months!

It’s called The invasion of body snatchers and this is a link to the related page on the mighty Internet Movie Data-Base.
:lol: :lol:

I used to have that exact same avatar on another board some years ago… I think it was even cut the same way :) It really is a great pic!

Here is another one ;)