Fostex VF-160 to MAC using Midi

I have the Fostex VF-160EX 16 track recorder, a mac, and a the m-audio midisport uno…

I’ve connected the midi in and out into the Fostex VF-160 and the USB to the mac, and Renoise is recognizing the connection… but now I’m not sure what to do.

What I’m attempting to do is transfer .wav files from one to the other… don’t really care too much how. Is this possible through midi? Help?

Looked on youtube and google and can’t find much.



There’s no way to easily transmit WAV audio data over MIDI that I’m personally aware of. (Although I’m sure there are hacks out there!)

Even if it is possible, the bandwidth of a typical MIDI connection is so low (31,250 bits per second according to the MIDI standard) that it’d take you around 2 days just to transfer a typical audio CD’s worth of data. I think you’d quickly lose your mind trying this :wink:

I’m not a Fostex owner myself, but according to the VF-160EX owners manual, you can only transfer the digital audio via the S/PDIF or ADAT connections, or by simply using the CD drive.

If your audio interface has S/PDIF connectors (relatively common, I think?), then perhaps you can find a utility to help transfer recordings back and forth.

I found a bit of chit chat over on the Reaper forums, so maybe you can pick up a few tips there.

Good luck anyway!

Thank you so much for your help!