Found a Bug in Window Management


I have found a Bug/unnice Behaviour in actual 3.4 Version of Renoise.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Renoise in normal Mode (Not in Fullscreenmode)
  2. Undock Mixerview drag it on second monitor and click the window maximize icon of it.
  3. Click the window mimimize icon of the Renoise mainwindow. (both windows are minimized)
  4. Click on the Renoise Tab on the Windows Taskbar.

Renoise mainwindow will recovered to last dimensions correctly, but the undocked mixerview on second screen is not recovered to last dimensions (maximized window style)

And other unnice Behaviour…

When you click the minimize icon of the Mixerwindow in Step 3. the Mixerwindow is completely go and cant be recovered in normal way. You have to dock and undock again to recover it.

Tested on Windows 7 Last Patchstate

Can anybody confirm this?

happy tracking :slight_smile: