Found sound production challenge

Hey all,

Time for another challenge! Bust out your field recorders, because the rules are simple: ALL sound sources must be real-world acoustically generated found sounds.

No musical instruments of any kind, no intentional singing, but speech, sounds of nature/human engineering in the built environment, and anything you can knock on, bang on, stimulate, or excite in any way can be used as a sample. Foley sample packs are fine if you don’t have a way of capturing your own sounds, but no instruments or anything intentionally musical. You can use these acoustic sounds as waveforms for synthesis if you wish, but extra points for NO synthesis. Plug-ins for processing audio are fine for this one.

No time limits, no prizes, just an opportunity to dust off your recording devices and have some fun working with creative constraint within the excellently capable sampler that is renoise. There is a whole world of sound to capture out there… looking forward to hearing what you can do with it!

peace & happy sampling



Nice ! might participate in this one.
I already had a phase where I was recording random stuff with my phone to use later :slight_smile:

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Great! look forward to hearing what everyone comes up with. Just raided my garage for foley :call_me_hand:

Tight. I rarely leave the house without this. 16152396247488225043937611520828

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first attempt

feedback welcome!

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Is this the musical reincarnation of a clockwork? Good job especially on the drums, I have to think about which nature sounds are the origin.

If you guys need some inspiration, Coldcut did something similar 23 years ago:


Sounds good so far! Feeling that slow squeaky sound around 1:05.
Some of the sounds remind of a suzy-sing-along doll and a large metal door…

Below is a good link for some field recorder kinda sounds and whatnot:

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what a great resource!

thanks for the link and the listen. glad if you dig. that sound @1:05 is a kitchen whisk rattling against a cabinet, reversed, maybe pitched up a bit

second try with this. did a lot more extreme processing and resampling with this one. even took one sound down to a single cycle waveform, but… all sounds of acoustic origin!
it’s not really finished, but I think I’m done with it for the time being, ready to move on to other tracks…

anyone else gonna try this challenge?