four tet confirms he is burial

it’s fake , plz delete this topic i dunno how to… sorry :(

I am Burial.

No, I’m Burial.

I’m Burial, too.

But only when I’m not deadmau5 or Squarepusher.

I am burital

I am iron man.

We are burial

I don’t know who I am! :wacko:/>

I am buri…ed… up to my neck with speculations that i might be a respected musician :3 :3

I am not Four Tet.

I’m your father

i am burital

I am a burrito

Warren Ellis is Burial

Perhaps we should duplicate and pin this topic also in the other subforums :P

I am Spartacus.

I am Cly Suva and I approve this message.

I am Batman

four tet is batman