FQ: Proper touch automation mode / change value priority

Currently tool authors like Airmann cannot properly implement the following thinks because of limitations in Renoise or it’s API:

  • A proper touch automation mode: Like in Airmann’s faderport driver, Renoise never plays back the actual in realtime changed automation value, if there is already a value in automation present. But the new value should always have the first priority over the existing value.

More details here (statement from Airmann):https://forum.renoise.com/t/new-tool-2-7-8-presonus-faderport-implementation/29542

  • A proper undo history management for controller tools. Like in Airmann’s faderport implementation it’s flooding the undo buffer on every change, because there is no control available over e.g. endo-snapshot-start / undo-snapshot-finish or something for third party devs. Please add some undo control functions to the API.