Fr: Automatable Pitch

One thing i miss in my wanderings around renoise is the ability to automate (or have effect code control) an instruments global pitch. This would be very useful for me. (and im guessing for other people interested in heavy sample manipulation too?).

Thanks for a great prog apart from this :)


this is part of the new RNI format which is being take in account for future releases right now by taktik.

The idea is to let users automate RNI parameters just like you now do with VST/MIDI instruments.

about the forum you linked:
johnbro says that ReNoise does not work on Macos 10.4

Tell him that a silent update has been made to fix this, so he should not have problems now, by downloading it again:
see here

that would be superb… are there any threads/posts about it that you could link to? (im having a hard time searching).

try here.

A preliminary internal discussion about this has been also taken place.