FR: Quick way to adjust volume and pan in instrument FX chain?

Not sure if this has been suggested before, but it would be very helpful to have a quick way to adjust volume and pan for each FX lane in the instrument FX. That is, without having to click on each lane and move the mouse down into the device lane.
For instance, using the mouse wheel on the little meter at the end of each FX chain would be an option for changing volume (and holding down a keyboard modifier while using the mouse wheel for pan)?

You have to adjust the volume of each VST “internally”

If not,you will have loss of dynamic

Adding a volume “option” on each VST would be lossy

Sorry, if it wasn’t clear, but this FR is about the Renoise instrument (“Sampler”), not about VSTi.

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You can assign volumes and pans to macros?

Yes, sure, but only 8 and and I need those for other stuff.

Imagine a drum set with 16 drum sounds for instance, which are each sent to its own output (FX chain). You now want to quickly adjust levels to fit in your song. Currently you need to either click on each FX lane, and move the mouse to the volume slider, or you have to rout each FX chain to its own track and then do the level adjustments in the mixer.

Yes,I imagine

Are you on Windows?

do you need it for automations?

I guess I’m a little confused by the request. I’d just drop a native Gainer device into the chain, which provides both Gain and Panning, wherever you need it in the chain. Am I understanding correctly that navigating to the FX chain itself, where the gainer is located, is ‘too much work’ ?? If that’s the only basis for this FR, not sure I can agree with you about it being needed! Seems a superfluous request given that all the desired functionality is, in fact, currently available…

I have understood

my solution is too complicated

request the feature in the dedicated topic


Well, if you go back and forth between a couple of drum sounds then always opening the corresponding FX chain, and moving down to the volume device, and up again (to open another FX lane), can be quite annoying, yes. Imagine a mixer had buttons saying “show fader” which you need to click on for each track to show the corresponding fader, instead of the usual layout of having all faders available at the same time :slight_smile:

You can also assign FX chain to specific tracks
So you can control volume in the mixer

Yes, I know, I mentioned this above.

So,make a request

Stop to make us wasting our time

Uhm, what?

Look at this example for instance. And this is only an example with two FX lanes. Imagine a full drum set, how long that would take just to set the levels correctly, with all the clicking and scrolling.



I have understood nearly since the beginning😈

request this feature or make it with LUA

I think it’s a Renoise team joke…No?

  1. You cannot change Renoise’s own GUI with a LUA tool.
  2. The thread you are reading (and actively commenting on) is the feature request.


Renoise team joke…

Funny…or not🐯

Ok, this makes sense to me now. I see what you’re looking for, and yeah it could speed up the in-instrument workflow.

I have no idea why the other guy in here is trolling you endlessly, but let’s just ignore him.

Since the FX chains already function as the output routing for the instrument as well, it does make some sense to ‘build up’ that area and include level and pan.


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