FR: Show last touched parameter in Automation Editor


So…FR: Show last touched parameter in Automation Editor.

You turn VST knob and this knob will be shown first for automation in Automation Editor. The same for Instr. Automation Device, please.



Use [sharedmedia=core:attachments:5259] for now.

Right click the effects pane or the mixer and click Track plugin paramerters.

For effects, use ‘show in mixer’ then left click that in the mixer (this can be scripted now though, so if anyone feels like it…)

For plugins, have an Instrument automation device in a track and select it, pick a slot which to bind to the parameter in that slot, then click the square near the number.

Here’s the official thread.

I think I did not get the topic really…

This tool can auto-setup a automation device simply but moving VST gui sliders. There is also a alpha version a high res recording directly to automation from VST gui movement. Only it can crash/freeze Renoise, due feedback messages problems. Was that the feature request? If so, I am all in. Renoise should do such things natively.