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**** UNINSTALL PREV. VERSIONS FIRST, “jurek.tools.TunedShortcuts.xrnx” and “com.renoise.ToggleEditModeAndMetronome.xrnx”** ****** )


Now UNIVERSAL TRANSPOSE / VALUE SHIFT / NOTE MOVEMENT should work over multiple columns and tracks! Also fancy unsolo shortcut.

Added shortcuts for easy shuffle / groove.


"Pattern Editor:Tools:Increase value under cursor by 128"

"Pattern Editor:Tools:Decrease value under cursor by 128"

Also hopefully lot of bugfixes.

Midi fx and sample fx should be moved along with notes now, if the note column contains a midi command or there is fx data. Unsure here. So if the note column containing midi commands was not selected, midi commands won’t be moved.


  • Scope of editmode / keystep shortcuts now changed to “global”, so it works in phrases editor, too. You will have to setup those keys again. (thanks to toblerpone)

  • Bugfix instrument inc/dec (no more if there is no instrument number, but note)

  • Little speedup for universal shift


Added shortcut for auto-setup of instrument automation device (BETA)

"Global:Tools:Setup automation device"
"Instrument Box:Tools:Setup automation device"

  • Instrument box context menu entry “Setup automation device”


"Global:Tools:Setup automation deviceand record hires"

"Instrument Box:Tools:Setup automation deviceand record hires"

EDIT: used this now a bunch of times, very handy… But I always save the song before using it, since it can crash/freeze Renoise (I guess because some conceptual weakness in Renoise)

I’ve used “Setup Automation Device”. It’s awesome! What do you mean by “Hit Shortcut”?

I’ve used “Setup Automation Device”. It’s awesome! What do you mean by “Hit Shortcut”?

Thanks. I guess you wrote about the universal transpose function? It means to use one of the 4 keyboard shortcuts after you placed the cursor to the column that should be shifted in value.


"Pattern Editor:Tools:Toggle Only Note-Off"
Will switch on/off option for only moving note-offs. E.g. useful if you want to shorten notes of a selection.

Added transpose by inversion:

"Pattern Editor:Tools:Transpose up by inversion"

"Pattern Editor:Tools:Transpose down by inversion"

Two shortcuts for easy increasing/decreasing the lowest/highest note in a chord by one octave.

EDIT: Reuploaded, should work now for cross-track-selections, too.


Note that a simple function like that only works for closed chords. To make it truly sensible you need to transpose the “pitchdegree-interval figure”. I think I made a function for it here: https://github.com/snabeljoel/Chord-manipulation-model/blob/master/prototype/chord_manipulation.lua on line 14. Not bugtested though.

Well, for me, it’s enough. Very curious about your tool… when?

OK. Just thought you should know it’s mislabeled since it won’t invert chords (e.g E-5, A#-5, C-6, G-6 … C7, will break. Same thing if any of the voices are just an octave double, which is not an uncommon figure to use for many people)

Hm, ok. What’s the correct naming then?

EDIT: Reuploaded, should work now for cross-track-selections, too.


"Pattern Editor:Tools:Transpose Note Occurrences +1"
"Pattern Editor:Tools:Transpose Note Occurrences -1"
"Pattern Editor:Tools:Delete Note Occurrences"
"Pattern Editor:Tools:Set Note Occurrences to OFF"

It’s to transpose just one note in a sequence, but also every repetition of this note plus its octaves. Like searching and replacing a note, only much more simple to use.

Minor bugfix for instrument num inc/dec: works now for midi commands again.

Fixed RECORD WITH TEMPORARY PATTERN EXPANSION FOR BETTER RECORDING PRECISION, so it takes care of Renoise pattern size limit of 512 lines.

You can setup the desired target temporary LPB in main.lua by changing the variable “TunedShortcuts.expandMinimumLPB” (default is 32). It will be then calculated by current LPB and Renoise limitations like pattern size not larger than 512 etc.

Side note : This still will increase recording precision for A ) Notes (I don’t know why) and B ) for automation, since it will increase Renoise’s crappy per line automation limitation temporarily.