Fractal Rock

Here is a a new little track that uses old NES Mario sounds but it was kind of inspired by this documentary I saw the other day called “Indie Game.” One of the movie features was the indie game FEZ, and the game has a really cool soundtrack by “disasterpiece” that you can find/download online if you do some hunting. Anyway, I always appreciate feedback of any variety, and thanks for listening. :)/>

Hi A.O.M.V.

I go to your soundcloud’s page and I find you write a fine Song. :w00t:/>Do you made your samples and for sample’s Nes mario?

If you like, I wrote 5 track : Harmel’s songs

i listening your song on your soundcloud this is really interresting ,i like it the synthsound make me think to bochum welt synth sound!! do you use hardware synth?

Hey Harmel,
Thanks for your feedback, and I am really glad you like the song. I didn’t make the NES Mario samples. I just downloaded them from here:
I listened to your tracks and they are very minimal, which is a style I like. Thanks again for listening!

Hey Ostrogoth,
Thanks for listening and I really appreciate the feedback. I don’t use any hardware synths. I would love to but they are too expensive. I exclusivly use VST synths and mostly free VST synths. For this track, I used Tonebytes “Bleep” synth and Ichira Toda’s “Synth 1.” They are both great synths and can be downloaded at the following sites:

Thanks again and happy synth tinkering! :walkman: