Fractaural Motif

Hi all,

I’ve been working on new music for a few years, and finally have released an album locally (“Iterations”). I think my music is quite unique and hopefully you find it enjoyable to listen to. I call it “Fractaural Motif”. Please check out my new website and let me know what you think! I’ve just posted 30-40 sec previews of a few of the tunes, should give a sense of what I’m about.

Many thanks to the Renoise team for making my music possible! Aside from being the best tracker in the world, I think it’s hands down the best piece of software period. Just pure intuition & inspiration from the first click to the final mix.

Regards, Matt

Okay, instead of just the previews, I’ve put an entire track up on SoundCloud. This one, called “Goin Down” was my first composition using Renoise. Please give me a critique. What do you like & not like about it? What aspects do you find annoying? Is it muddy or hard to hear anywhere? Anything too repetitive? Let me know!

Thanks, Matt

Nice catchy arp at the beginning! Lovely lead starting at 0:58, I like it! Overall, the sounds are great! Couldn’t spot any serious boring or non-fitting passages, maybe the section around 03:00 drags a bit. I enjoyed it! :walkman:

Thanks elmex, appreciate the feedback!