international trackers meeting

This weekend I went to meet some of the most brilliant tracker talents in Italy: Frater Sinister and NeuRoTiX.

I haven’t seen them since an italian demoparty held on 1998 :(

So I took some pictures of us, if you’re interested into the “oooowww how long!!” kind of pictures :)

The picture everyone should see is the one whose I post the thumbnail here:
This is NeuRoTiX, and as you can see he is the exact counterpart of the Simpsons’ comic reseller!! NOTE: he is dressed the same way too, and it wasn’t made on purpose because NTX didn’t know about my coming there :)

other pictures at
this URL, also featuring NTX’s 8 strings guitar, NTX’s studio, It-Alien doing some nails-driven noise experiments with guitar and Frater_Sx smoking :)

who cares, I know… :rolleyes:

crossed with mike moore ;)

Maybe he had a feeling you’d show up.

I have that sometimes: it’s raining all day and people are worried they get wet when they go home after work and sometimes I’ll say ‘don’t worry, it’s dry when you’re free’… More often than not this is true.

Also going out on saturday night, I can mostly see before hand who are going to be there. But this is probably just experience…

Anyone else has this? Or Deja Vu’s? I think it’s quite funny when you experience a situation you’re almost sure you had before.

The mind works in strange ways sometimes :huh: