Free bass sounds

Just wiped my whole bass sound directory. 90% of my bass sounds were made with
the same method but i am now creating new workflows thanks to Renoise :)

Here’s some Neuro bass sounds if anyone might have any use for them.

Nice! Care to elaborate on how you made them? :)

+1 a tutorial would be nice indeed!

Resampling… huge effect chains sometimes consisting of up to 10 effects each resample to create movement
just a whole heap of wash rinse repeat but it’s important to understand that if you subtract, you must put back in in order
to have such effect and sometimes vice versa. Frequency splitting to create movement on particular bands. Very labour intensive task but the results
are worth it :)


Wow, nice. Do you use vsts or just renoise internal dsp effects?

I use anything i find interesting basically… sometimes vsts or sometimes weird samples. A lot of vst effects though.