Free collection of Amen break processed through vintage gear

I stumbled over this one yesterday when trying to find nice resources for jungle breaks.

Ultimate Amen break pack

Used gear: Akai S1100, Akai MPC1000, Roland VP-9000, Yamaha SU700, AU 176, Colours Audio VG1, DBX 160, Neve 2254, Roland RE-150, Sound Skulptor, TG Limiter, DIY Tube Saturator.

My hope is to find more packs like this, with classic breaks processed through the old school samplers - so I don’t have to go get them myself (even though I’d very much like too I bet there’s some serious $$$ drainage involved, and my SO won’t be very happy about it I reckon!)

Anyone else got stuff like this? Please share! :smiley:

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