Free, Good Electric Guitar

Okay, I know this is the holy grail of computer musicmaking, but I’m asking anyway. Does anyone know of a good free soundfont or VST for an overdriven electric guitar? I’m thinking Slayer2, but Slayer2 doesn’t work right. It won’t respond to Note Off command. Also, for something that won’t even work right it sure costs a lot.

Only thing I can think of to get the sound I want is take samples of Slayer2, then load the samples as instrument. I have a feeling that’s vaguely illegal, and it’s more tedious than words can express.

You can even feed a piano through this and it’ll sound more like a guitar than most other things you’ll be trying. Can’t even imagine what it will do to strings or acoustic guitars… seriously, check it out!

Yellow Tools has recently released a free version of their sampler Independence which has some really good electric guitar sounds.

Find someone to play it. :D
Make it a contest! Give us your plan (what you have so far), let us have a few days to make a good recording - use the best one.

it s hard to record good electric guitar!! everytime i want to record a riff it sounds like punk! (maybe because i never learned guitar…)

Yes, it’s hard, especially distorted guitar. My amp is going through a hard time (oh, how I dread opening it), but it is possible.

The only instrument easier than the guitar is tha kazoo… im not saying you shoulod quickly learn it… but if you cant find someone who can play to help out then you really should stop making music for a while and go out…

free + good + guitar = ERROR: DIVIDE BY ZERO

Just get a real guitar.

It is INFINITELY better than using a software version.

You will learn a new skill too and your overall music making will get a lot lot better.

Anyone need some quality session work done I’m your man. Just ask.

Foo. How about you and me go to Haiti and get ourselves some voodoo punch. We can swap guitar skills.

I will be really good and can play exactly what I want with style and you will end up a poor desolate wretch whose hands do not do what their brain desires.



does anyone here just line in with a guitar or is it just impossible to get a good sound that way? seen as though we are here…

You need a DI box. Then you need a decent valve VST to process the sound. Anything less sounds like crud.

I go from my guitar into an EMU1616m Hi-Z input. Sounds fine to me.

I am guessing this is effectively a DI anyway.

For my nylon I’m using a plain microphone. For sure the initial recording can’t be simply put into an arrangement but I use to process it with a lot of DSPs (NR, Highpass, Comp) until I get something that I’m satisfied with. To me it’s fun to create the sound on my own but it doesn’t work for everything. Sometimes RealGuitar just does better :)

Get a rock organ sample, swap the bitorder (Big-Endian to little Endian) and there you have a bashing rockguitar!

and who said ft2 didn’t have any dsps? ;)

I envy your soundcard, it’s what I’m currently saving up for

Going from 15ms at 44k to 1ms at 96K priceless :yeah:

It was cheap as hell out here (Japan). If you want one cheap and you live in a country with a decent exchange rate, maybe we could arrange one to be sent over to you. Even with postage, it would be cheap (if you are in the UK, you are laughing!)

Slayer and Slayer 2 have the potential to sound fairly real depending on how you utilize the playing style. I find myself loading a bunch of effects that slayer/slayer2 doesn’t have to get the best results. Here is a song I did with the original slayer, it sounds fairly realistic until it arpegiates