Free GPU-powered FIR Convolution Reverb

Hello Renoise! I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve started working with GPU Audio - we just dropped an Early-Access plugin and Community (DISCORD) and would love for you to try it.

The plugin is a fun, simple convolution reverb that you can load your own IRs into. With GPU Audio, there is no added latency as a consequence of adding more instances so have fun and stress test your DAW if you’d like! I was able to run 128 stereo instances within 1ms latency on Reaper, last night.

Download it here for free! We will add new IR zips as we go:

Please check the Read-Me as this is a test plugin, with purposeful limitations, and is currently only compatible on Windows PC with an NVIDIA discreet GPU. We are testing across most major DAWs Roadmap ahead includes, AU, Mac, AMD card support and much more.

GPU Audio is a full tech stack we designed to effectively parallelize audio processing across thousands of GPU cores, by offloading DSP from cpu to the gpu, and returning back within 1ms latency. If you’re interested in the novel innovation, we are speaking on March 24th at NVIDIA GTC

The plugin works is basically an open-benchmarking test for us as we prepare to launch an entire suite of products in 2 months We are also forming partnerships with great plugin makers to power up others’ future instruments and have lots of news coming.

Drop in and I look forward to meeting you! You can watch Sonic State dream about GPU Audio here: Sonic TALK 659 - Loop Monk, MPE, GPU + Ken Lewis - YouTube

Let me know if you have any questions!



Maybe Metal2 API on macos would be interesting here.

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I didn’t manage to operate it in Windows 10 on Super RTX 2080. I’ll give it another try later, since my latest download of the plug-in is nearly 2 years old.

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Cool to see GPU powered plugins are still being worked on, think I read about the possibility years ago on kvr. Unfortunately it doesn’t want to install here;

Dunno why it is looking for something in the above pictured location, while the extracted .exe installation file is being opened from another location?

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Strange, mine worked first time. Feel free to report bugs over on Discord:

Ah, did you post this on KVR? If not then someone else has the same issue.

If you can it’d be great to report it on the Discord GPU Audio

Using a Nvidia RTX 2080 (studio driver 512.15) preset 1 forces 45 % CPU load in Renoise with a lot of audible crackles on one track running at 48 kHz (128 samples buffer size) and using ABL as an instrument.