Free Granular Slicer

Looks mint:

… will be trying this tonight :P

damn… link dun work…

Have this instead for now:

… and this:…p;p=5&kat=0
… and this:

Hey don’t you forget we got the way-back time machine for lost sites ;)…

I wrote that plug… unfortunately, the subminimal site is down (the domain has expired, plus some script kiddies got in there and screwed it up). But I will be xfering the plugs to my new domain soon. So if you still want it, I can put it up sometime tomorrow. The plug is sorta a pita to use, but I’ve extracted bizarre things out of it along with stuff that’s pretty useless. :)

edit: actually, now I realize the wayback machine has a copy… haha.

That’s why i posted it ;) (never knew that you were the author btw… had a lot of fun with the senderella plug in the past)

Btw, your pseudograins plug could use some debugging… it crashed Renoise on a ProcessReplace event (Audio process)

Yeah, it’s got a bug or two depending on what host your are using. In an act of brilliance, I accidentally deleted the source after dumping delphi off my machine a few years ago. :blink: d’oh! :D

these all for pc :(
sometimes i wish i were on a pc.

2 words: Boot Camp.

anyway, i have this plug, havent been able to figure it out though. :S

Depending on how far you exactly got, i assume you didn’t reached the stage of being able to produce any sort of audio:
Just “load” a wav-sample and then try messing around.


DO WANT! :dribble:

… damned mac users :P

… if you do have a mac, however, also check out soundhack … it’s gotta be my most wanted mac app. does amazing spectral feats and is free to boot ;)

haha definately will check these out when i get a chance.
thanx for the links mans

i found this last night,
this topic made me go out of my way to find FSU plugins :)
seems pretty awwwesome

Holy shit it’s a dblue glitch ripoff

it is inspired by that but it works for mac osx
so i cant complain, i m actually considering to purchase

Hopefully now the MacOS users stop bugging dblue daily :P

i found this amusing…

a quote from the dblueglitch rippers :)

" why not windows: we have ported it already - however it really doesn’t work well enough for us to feel comfortable releasing it. The problem is likely due to the differences of how Max/MSP behaves on Windows vs. Mac, or at least how it’s behaving on those platforms with our code. Sorry for now! "

uhm… we have dblueglitch already!!? :)


cant ever have enough options imo
although too many options kill inspiration.
thats why you gotta turn off wireless when tracking :)