Free Kicksamples

Based on flexor tech ( for scope modular )
Just download the samplepach 24 bit/mono @ 44.1 khz
You can never have enough kicks

Great but how to use the plugin ?

…: Install :…
Unzip this file to your SFP directory.
(‘your drive’:\Scope)
Restart Scope
The plug-in will appear under the Plug-Ins menu in SFP.

wtf is sfp ? :huh:

No no , the plugin is for the sonic core xite-1 dsp platform
Just download the samples for the kick me vst , these are just regular wave files
Sorry if this topic is a bit misleading , but it did said free kicksamples ( not player )
You should - ‘click here to preview samples of what kick me can do’ …then save the rar file ( these are samples )