Free Mac Vst Plugins

Not so many Universal Binaries for you new Intel bunch, but it’s a good start!


Audio Units for good measure:…U/platform/mac/

free vsti mac:…t=3&rpp=100

another list of effects:…t=3&rpp=100

free hosts:…t=3&rpp=100

free development tools:…t=3&rpp=100

if you’re a plugin fetishist you’re better of with a pc :)

Ha, no doubt.

For me, this is more about sharing scarce OS Xresources. Me, I don’t need a ton of plugins. But i do need more than zero.

Thanks for the links.

Nice list thanks. I saw a couple other lists, but I think the stuff on those other lists was included already in the ones you posted above. Just in case they’re not, here’s what I was refering too:

I didn’t see this one on the list either (Mac and Windows available). YMCK Magical 8bit plugin:

That looks cool! Too bad it’s an AU.

I’m trying to get a VST list of OS X freebies going, AU is not supported by Renoise so I’d rather omit those from the list.

whoops sorry.