Free-Market Jamming Experiment For Renoise Users

Since I’m posting this in public, it will most likely backfire, but it’s April Fools and a day for pranks, so why not.

This jamming theory is based on ideas from a documentary called “Manufacturing Consent” which implies that mass media serves the interests of it’s own advertising dollars.

If Renoise spikes revenus, then Google and other forms of automated new-media take notice?

  1. Google the word: Renoise

  2. Land on a page that is an article about Renoise. For example, if you land on a page that is a list of articles, then no. If you land on a page that is an article exclusively about Renoise, then yes.

  3. Click a banner ad.

  4. Surf the new site for a minute or two.

Replace “Renoise” with the MEME of your choice.

I just went to freshmeat and clicked the banner at the top, it was going to protoolstraining :blink:
Okay, I have the window open, clicking buttons. I think I messed up, wasn’t paying attention>>>not an article.

Okay, I went to create digital music, 2.5 article,an there you are at namm 2010!! I remember seeing this at some point a few months ago>>>clicking banners>>palladiumboots (pirateboots)>>navigating site>>clicking all over the place, exploration #5.

You didn’t try Googling the word Google did you? We all know how dangerous that can be!